About Practical Networking

If you’ve been in the Network Engineering career field for any small amount of time, then you’ve probably been frustrated at how difficult it was to find articles and whitepapers that were reliable, thorough, and understandable.

You found articles that were very entry level, that perhaps gave simple definitions but did not communicate enough to explain how technologies actually worked. You found articles that were overly detailed, that went into so much minutia that the original point would be lost.

The intent of this blog is to bridge that gap¬†— providing the happy, practical medium between overly simplistic and overly detailed.

PracNet teaches in a manner that is accessible, easy to learn, and easy to pass on. By presenting complex technology simply, PracNet provides practical, immediately applicable, knowledge of the Network Engineering industry.

In addition to these articles, we offer classes which cover other aspects of Network Engineering and Network Security. We also build custom courses, with the same high quality curriculum as you see in the articles, to meet any learning need you may have.


About the Author

Hi, I’m Ed Harmoush, a Network Engineer based in Seattle. I am passionate about educating people about the wonders of the Internet and how it works.

I enjoy making complex networking information practical using training classes or articles, and this site is the product of my passion.

I hope these free articles are useful to you. If they are, please consider sharing them. If you want more, please take a look at the classes Practical Networking offers, or reach out to us to have a custom course or article written for you.

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    “If you can’t explain it to a six year old, you don’t understand it yourself.”
    — Albert Einstein