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It’s time for a new way of training.

It’s time to do away with classes built around mundane memorization exercises and sifting through useless knowledge and unhelpful tangents.

It’s time for teaching that is first and foremost practical – that leaves students with applicable skills and knowledge that integrate directly back into their day to day.

It’s time for teaching that is pragmatic and easy to pass on – attending a training class should benefit the whole team, not just the individual.

Practical Networking offers high quality training and has a proven track record of success. Students will love the class experience and become more effective network engineers — or the class is free.

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Course List
Cisco Firewalls:
ASAx, ASA, and PIX
Cisco ASA:
Migrating and NAT in 8.3+
More high quality classes are being developed! If you have a request, contact us. Otherwise, keep checking back to see what else will be added!

Instructor was excellent at posing ideas and theories that led into his next slides and so the class flowed extremely well. Whenever I was thinking I wonder how this works in conjunction with what was just talked about, we were starting to go over it.
I really enjoyed how engaging the instructor was and how he got everyone involved with the labs and class discussion. I like how clear he answered questions and how he got everyone to think about what we were doing in class.
Eddie has a lot of energy and deep technical understanding of his subject matter. He made it a point to keep the class engaged and participating. I could see a less energetic/engaging instructor putting the class to sleep with the same subject matter, but Eddie made the class fun.
Eddie is a phenomenal teacher. He has the ability to stay at the 1000 foot view but also drill down to the atomic level of whatever he is teaching. I would absolutely take another class that he teaches.
The visual representation and lecture were in perfect sync. He was able to show how things worked with the power point yet the power point was not the main focus of the information.
Eddie can teach a difficult subject with ease, he makes it easy to understand what is going on.
I am finishing my 4 year degree. I am on my last class. I learned more about computers and networking in 1 week with Eddie than I did in 4 years worth of college with a MIS major.
Thoroughly enjoyed both the teaching method and the instructor’s personality. Classes are engaging and informative. 10/10 would recommend.
Eddie is a true educator. I will gladly take any course taught by him. Even if I know the subject well, I can expect to walk away knowing more.
Ed delivers a superior learning experience through his lessons and actions. Everything he does builds upon creating a strong foundation by delivering a different perspective on teaching the material at hand.
Ed is an amazing and passionate instructor that has a gift for teaching. His ability to present complex material in an easy to understand and engaging manner is amazing!