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CCNA — Index

    CCNA — Index

    The following index of articles all cover topics within the CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) curriculum. If you are studying for the CCNA exam (200-301), you’ll definitely want to read each of these articles.

    This handy shortlink has been created which will always take you to this page:

    Practical Networking — CCNA Topics:

    The above articles don’t cover the entire CCNA curriculum, but what they do cover are done from a practical perspective — not as a memorization exercise. The goal of these articles is not simply to get you to pass your certification exam, but to help you pass job interview questions and be a successful Network Engineer.

    There have been many requests for a full CCNA course. And while the idea has some appeal, I currently have no plans to produce my own CCNA training course. In the mean time, however, I wanted to at least provide a recommendation for a complete CCNA self-pace training course.

    Content from Previous version of the CCNA

    The content below was created for previous versions of the CCNA exam. I am leaving them listed here because many students still find the knowledge valuable. Even for current version of the exam.

    Is there a CCNA topic you’re struggling with that needs its own article? Let me know in the comments!

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    WAN Technologies 🙂

    PKI & VPN 😀


    sir, thank you very much for this wonderful study guide for ccna.hoping you create more videos perhaps a complete ccna training videos that available in the explanation easy to digest.

    Your explanations are mind blowing and super easy to follow. I was trying to use kron scheduler to automatically change vlan of cisco 2960 switch access port twice a day. But it is not working. Do you have any idea if it works for vlan change.

    IPV6 Please…..

    Hi Ed,
    Your practicals are very helpful, and I am looking forward to the upcoming articles.
    Ed, please write an article on IPV6 and STP.
    I am a going to be a regurlar visitor of your series to learn and understand about diiferent concepts covered in the series.

    Same here, the explanation of the topics is done in a simple, structured and clear way. After reading many topics I knew are now connected together in my head.
    I’m looking forward your upcoming articles too Ed.
    Thanks a lot, well done & keep it up !

    STP AND VTP please

    Thank you for your work. About your request for specific topic, STP and VTP also would be great!

    I have been watching Jeremy’s IT Lab and completed them already. Practiced some of the labs using Packet Tracer software and I’m familiar with all the network equipment and building a new topology, configuring it etc, as I’m a network master’s graduate.
    Honestly not feeling confident yet to sit for the CCNA exam and need more motivation and really solid materials to pass the exam from the first attempt.

    Appreciating your advice and help in advance!


    Amazing stuff. I’m only going to nitpick one tiny thing:

    Is there a CCNA topic you’re struggling with that needs it’s own article? Let me know in the comments!”

    That should be “its” without the apostrophe.
    See? Just a very minor concern. The topics and coverage are amazing!


    MPLS maybe, would be a treat to watch your animation and explanation

    Request to include Fiber optics – types, modes, connectors etc

    great content, and excellent way to explained. You are include my top list of the greater teachers of networking.

    QoS is one of those topics that probably are the most complicated to understand, nice to one of them coming from you.


    do you have your own book ?

    I am grateful that this blog exists. As someone that is going the self-paced CCNA learning, this is a great resource to connect to others in the field.

    Thank you for creating this site.

    Hello Ed,

    Could you let me know by when will the ultimate Networking course be complete? I am planning to enroll once the course is available.

    Just want to say thank you for making this knowledge available.

    Thanks fr the great works

    Thanks a lot for these great articles. Is this a full guide to ccna or there are other topics?

    There is no mention of OSPF.

    any premium paid content or course?

    SPANNING TREE CONFIGURATION STEPS IS THREE switch to make one of the switch to be a root bridge?