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    Do you do online banking? Do you work from home? Do you use VPNs to access company resources? All these would not be possible without Cryptography. Cryptography is the art of keeping secrets, specifically through… Read More »Cryptography


      In Cryptography, the concept of Authentication serves to provide proof that the other side of a communication is indeed who they claim to be, and who you intend for them to be. There are multiple… Read More »Authentication


        The Problem Before we can describe the solution, we must first adequately describe the problem Anti-Replay is trying to solve. Imagine your local bank branch office.  Imagine someone going to that branch location, and depositing $100… Read More »Anti-Replay

        Using Asymmetric Keys

          We’ve established how Asymmetric encryption makes use of two mathematically linked keys: One referred to as the Public Key, and the other referred to as the Private Key. We’ve also established that what one key encrypts,… Read More »Using Asymmetric Keys

          RSA Example

            The RSA algorithm is the most widely used Asymmetric Encryption algorithm deployed to date. The acronym is derived from the last names of the three mathematicians who created it in 1977:  Ron Rivest, Adi Shamir,… Read More »RSA Example

            Asymmetric Encryption

              Earlier, we learned that Symmetric encryption is an encryption scheme that uses the same key to encrypt and decrypt. Conversely, Asymmetric encryption, uses different keys to encrypt and decrypt. Lets take a look at a simple example.… Read More »Asymmetric Encryption

              Hashing Algorithm

                The first concept we need to discuss in our exploration of Cryptography is that of a Hashing Algorithm. A Hashing Algorithm is a mathematical formula that takes a Message of arbitrary length as input and… Read More »Hashing Algorithm