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Named ACL Syntax

Part 4 of the video series on Access Control Lists picks apart the syntax required to configure a Named Access List. In the video, we will continue where we left off in the prior videos by re-configuring the Numbered ACL as a Named ACL. You’ll see just how similar the syntax is between Numbered ACLs […]


Numbered ACL Configuration

In Part 3 of the series on ACLs, we go through a live demonstration of the configuration of various Numbered ACL statements. We’ll use the syntax we learned in the prior video to create access list entries to match specific packets. In doing so, we’ll get to talk through some important concepts — the implicit […]


Numbered ACL Syntax

Part 2 of the video series on Access Control List picks apart the syntax for configuring Numbered ACL. We’ll step through each field in the command of a Numbered ACL and explain the ins and outs of what they mean and how they work. Specifically, we’ll cover these items: 0:00 – Start / Review of […]


What are Access Control Lists?

This is the first video in an eight-part video series which discusses the concepts and configuration for Access Control Lists, or ACLs. In this video we answer the core question: What are Access Control Lists? We discuss the idea of simply identifying traffic with an ACL, and provide examples of the many different ways of […]


Discontiguous Wildcard Masks

If you’ve been doing Networking, then you are probably familiar with CIDR notation, and how it correlates to Subnet Masks and Wildcard Masks. Which means you know that a /26 correlates to a Subnet Mask of and a Wildcard Mask of But what is the purpose of a Wildcard Mask if you already […]


Full CCNA Course by Neil Anderson

I get many requests for a full CCNA exam course. And while the idea has some appeal, I currently have no plans to produce my own CCNA training course at this time. However, I did want to provide you all with my recommendation for a CCNA course: Neil Anderson’s CCNA Boot Camp course. There are […]


Wildcard Masks

If you understand Subnetting, then you probably know that the CIDR notation of /24 correlates to the Subnet Mask of But did you also know both of those correlate to the Wildcard Mask of This video picks apart Wildard Masks, what they are, and how they are used. We’ll cover the following concepts: […]


Binary Numbers — Counting and Converting

Binary numbers, ones and zeros — the language of computers. The entire Network Engineering industry can be diluted to having a goal of simply carrying those ones and zeros between two computers. In this video, I talk through the concepts of Binary numbers, how to count in Binary, and how to convert between Binary and […]