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Binary Numbers — Counting and Converting

Binary numbers, ones and zeros — the language of computers. The entire Network Engineering industry can be diluted to having a goal of simply carrying those ones and zeros between two computers. In this video, I talk through the concepts of Binary numbers, how to count in Binary, and how to convert between Binary and […]


NAT on Cisco ASA and ASAx Firewalls – Udemy Course

I just published my second course on Udemy. This one covers the full depth of how to configure and verify Network Address Translation on Cisco ASA and Cisco ASAx Firewalls. This course has three modules: The first module will teach you Everything there is to know about Network Address Translation: Why it exists, How it it works, […]


NAT on Cisco IOS Routers – Udemy Course

Hey everyone. I published my first course on Udemy. You can access it at a discount with this link: This course has two modules: The first module will teach you Everything there is to know about Network Address Translation: Why it exists, How it it works, What happens to packets as they get translated. This module […]


Cisco IP SLA — Using a Cisco Router to generate traffic

Recently, I got a chance to play around with some features of Cisco IP SLA and wanted to share a few things I learned. Namely, how to use a Cisco Router to generate mock traffic for testing. In the past, I had only used this feature to send a few pings to test connectivity and/or […]


Route Precedence — How does a Router choose its preferred path?

Whenever possible, Routers should have multiple paths (or routes) to get to a target network — this is a key component for network resiliency. Which means Routers routinely compare routes to choose one preferred path among multiple that may exist. The Route Precedence process is accomplished by comparing three different attributes. This video steps through […]


Classful vs CIDR vs FLSM vs VLSM

These four terms all refer to somewhat overlapping concepts. As a result, some confusion has surfaced about what each of these terms actually mean, and how they differ from each other. That is what this article is going to pick apart. These four terms can be broken up into two sets of two terms: Classful […]


VLANs – the simplest explanation

I just released a new videos which teaches VLANs in the absolute simplest way. This is how I wish VLANs were taught to me when I first started my Networking journey. I have since taught countless students using this format, and the reception has been unanimously positive. Now I’m sharing that method with my readers! […]


CCNA — Index

The following index of articles all cover topics within the CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) curriculum. If you are studying for the CCNA exam (200-301), you’ll definitely want to read each of these articles. This handy shortlink has been created which will always take you to this page: Practical Networking — CCNA Topics: Learn […]