Subnetting Mastery

Lately I’ve been working on a Subnetting Mastery video series. The goal is take someone with little to no exposure to subnetting and make them a subnetting pro.

I’m happy to announce that the video series is finally complete! If anyone is working through or trying to learn subnetting, this is the video series for you =).

Subnetting Mastery - Part 1 In Video 1, you will learn the basics of subnetting. Every Subnetting problem will ask you to solve for one or more of seven possible attributes. This video explains what each of the attributes are.
Subnetting Mastery - Part 2 In Video 2 of the series, we will show you how to draw the ultimate Subnetting Cheat Sheet. The rest of the videos in this series will show you how to use this Cheat Sheet to answer any subnetting problem in 60 seconds or less.
Subnetting Mastery - Part 3 In Video 3, we will show you how to use the Subnetting Cheat Sheet to solve for all seven attributes of Subnetting (explored in video 1) in 60 seconds or less.
Subnetting Mastery - Part 4 In Video 4 there are four more practice problems to provide further demonstrations of the method and cheat sheet. The first two problems are fairly straight forward. The second two demonstrate a couple specific peculiarities you might encounter in the real world.
Subnetting Mastery - Part 5 In Video 5, we will show you four tricks that will help you solve subnetting problems even faster. With the speed tips in this video, and a little practice, it won’t be unreasonable to be able to solve subnetting questions in as little as 10 seconds.
Subnetting Mastery - Part 6 In Video 6, we show you how to extend the Subnetting Cheat Sheet to allow you to solve problems in the /17-/24 range just as easily as the /25-/32 range.
Subnetting Mastery - Part 7 In Video 7, we show you how to extend the Subnetting Cheat Sheet to allow you to solve problems in the /1-/16 range. Then we show you a problem that will tie everything back together to what you learned in Video 1

You can watch all the videos in a row in this Youtube playlist:


Also included is an IPv4 Subnetting problem generator. Use this to practice what you’ve learned:


The link above also includes a link and description for each video. Making it an easy to remember, one stop-shop for all your IPv4 subnetting needs, and making it perfect for sharing with your colleagues.

If you enjoy that series, don’t forget to check out the other videos on the Practical Networking Youtube Channel. Also consider subscribing to get notified of new video tutorials!

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Wonderful explanation of subnetting.

I learned subnet masking today, I took the printout so that I never forgot how to calculate 7 attributes of subnet. These concepts are very important for me to understating networking concepts.

Bro, this made it click!!!!!! After weeks of reading and watching different people explain it as well as stressing about memorizing multiple charts… wow.

Not all hero’s wear a cape.

This is the best, most logical subnetting lesson I have ever had. Thank you! I have learned a lot!

You have me subnetting understandable. Thanks!!!

Can you download the cheat sheet? I searched for it with no results.
Here you are able to see and to download a subnetting cheat sheet.