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Supernetting, IP Aggregation, and IP Summarization

    Supernetting, IP Aggregation, and IP Summarization

    Supernetting is something like the inverse of Subnetting. With Subnetting, you take one Network and divide it into multiple sub-networks (subnets). With Supernetting, you are doing the opposite: you take multiple subnets and aggregating them into a single Network. Supernetting is synonymous to the terms IP Aggregation and IP Summarization.

    Often, training explicitly on Supernetting is omitted from various Subnetting training resources. It is a skill that is meant to materialize by simply being more and more familiar with Subnetting.

    However, understanding exactly what goes on with Supernetting actually gives clarity to what is going on with Subnetting. To that end, and by popular request, I have added a new video to the Subnetting Mastery video series which illustrates and discusses Supernetting thoroughly.

    Supernetting, IP Aggregation, and IP Summarization

    This video will give anyone a complete and thorough understanding of Supernetting, IP Aggregation, and IP Summarization.

    The video teaches not only how to aggregate Subnets, but also how to aggregate individual IP addresses. It also discusses the ideas of aggregating to a single network, or aggregating to an exact match — and specifically how often either of those are “the right answer.” Finally, the series closes with showing you how to solve summarization problems by hand, using only scratch paper and the subnetting chart from the Subnetting Mastery series. This is done to mimic certification exam scenarios (like the CCNA or JNCIA or CompTIA Net+).

    Video content

    • 00:25 – Definition of Supernetting
    • 02:00 – Visual Example #1 of Supernetting
    • 04:45 – Visual Example #2 – Summarizing to Exact Match or to a Single Network
    • 07:15 – Visual Example #3 of IP Aggregation
    • 09:30 – QUIZ – Your turn to Supernet =)
    • 10:52 – Answers to Quiz
    • 13:02 – Supernetting by hand using only pen and Scratch Paper
    • 14:42 – Example 1 – Something familiar
    • 18:00 – Example 2 – Something unfamiliar
    • 19:25 – Example 3 – Mixed Sized Networks
    • 21:18 – Example 4 – Aggregating IP Addresses
    • 24:10 – Example 5 – Summarizing in the 3rd Octet
    • 26:49 – Example 6 – Summarizing Mixed networks in 3rd and 4th Octet
    • 29:38 – Practice with a Friend, join our Discord

    As always, this video, and the rest of the videos in the Subnetting Mastery video series are available at this friendly URL:

    That site is the ultimate, one stop resource to both learn and practice Subnetting with IPv4.

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