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EIGRP Feasibility Condition

EIGRP is a routing protocol whose strategy to prevent routing loops is based upon what is known as the EIGRP Feasibility Condition. EIGRP also makes use of another concept called Split Horizon, which we will also briefly touch on later in this article. To properly discuss the Feasibility Condition however, you must have an understanding […]


EIGRP Metric

The EIGRP Metric has caused confusion for many network engineers trying to understand the protocol. This article will dive into what the metric is, and how to boil it down into its simplified form. Formula and K-Values EIGRP is a Cisco Proprietary routing protocol created in the 1980s. As such, Cisco was the only vendor […]


EIGRP Terminology

Anyone who has ever studied the EIGRP protocol has at some point or another been confused by the awkwardly defined terminology that is incorporated into the protocol. This article’s purpose will disambiguate all the EIGRP terminology that causes so much confusion when trying to understand the protocol. Terms that Describe Routes From the perspective of […]