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Looking for Reviewers for my TLS/SSL Deep Dive course

I am beginning the process of recording my TLS/SSL Deep Dive course. It is one of the most requested classes from the Course Survey.

The course is a deep dive on TLS and SSL, the protocols which secure the Internet. The course will take anyone with any amount of exposure to SSL/TLS and make them a SSL/TLS Expert.

The class will end up selling for $200-300. I’ll probably offer a 50% discount to my newsletter subscribers to celebrate when it officially goes live. But until then, I have an even better special offer for a select few of you.

I would like to go through the course creation process while getting active feedback on its progress. So I’m offering early access to the videos as they are created for a single payment of $10 USD. You’ll get access to the videos as they are created, and also the full class when it goes live.

In exchange, I’m looking for active participants and feedback on the videos I create. I really want this class to be as effective as possible, and you can be a guiding voice for that endeavor. You’ll get a chance to shape this class into the absolute best class on SSL/TLS that has ever been made.

If you are interested, send me an e-mail ( Tell me your current exposure to TLS/SSL and tell me why you think you’d be a good fit for someone giving feedback as the course is being developed. I can only take a limited amount of people.

If you work with SSL/TLS at your job, this is an incredible opportunity! Not only are you getting $300~ training for $10, you’re also getting dedicated time with an instructor to ask questions and serve as your SSL/TLS mentor during the review period. Simply put, you’ll never find a mentoring and training opportunity of this depth and quality for this class. You’re paying mere $10 to become a TLS/SSL expert.

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