Looking for Reviewers for my Practical TLS course

I am beginning the process of recording my Practical TLS course. It is one of the most requested classes from the Course Survey.

The course is a deep dive on TLS and SSL, the protocols which secure the Internet. The course will take anyone with any amount of exposure to SSL/TLS and make them a SSL/TLS Expert.

The price of the course will be $297 USD. I’ll probably offer a 50% discount to my newsletter subscribers to celebrate when it officially goes live. But until then, I have an even better special offer for a select few of you.

The course is currently under development, and I’m offering early access to the lessons as they are created at a significant discount.

In exchange, I’m looking for active participants and feedback on the videos I create. I really want this class to be as effective as possible, and you can be a guiding voice for that endeavor. You’ll get a chance to shape this class into the absolute best class on SSL/TLS that has ever been made.

UPDATE: The course is now complete. Thank you to all of you who signed up early and provided feedback. You can access the course by clicking the button below:

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What is the total numbers of training hours(approx.) for this ssl/tls course .

I want to be early reviewer. Please tell me how to subscribe. I can learn alot from this program.

I am interested.

Hi this looks amazing. Please let me know how to join.

Hey Eddie, If you still need some people to review let me know.

Sorry for the late response Eddie, is this still open for review?

Dear sir,

I have gone through all your videos, No words are there to say my gratitude and thanks, such a clear, understandable language, in depth knowledge in the subject is presented, even people with zero knowledge can shine in their career, such a clear, knowledgeable explanations. Keep up the good work