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Discontiguous Wildcard Masks

If you’ve been doing Networking, then you are probably familiar with CIDR notation, and how it correlates to Subnet Masks and Wildcard Masks. Which means you know that a /26 correlates to a Subnet Mask of and a Wildcard Mask of But what is the purpose of a Wildcard Mask if you already […]


Wildcard Masks

If you understand Subnetting, then you probably know that the CIDR notation of /24 correlates to the Subnet Mask of But did you also know both of those correlate to the Wildcard Mask of This video picks apart Wildard Masks, what they are, and how they are used. We’ll cover the following concepts: […]


Binary Numbers — Counting and Converting

Binary numbers, ones and zeros — the language of computers. The entire Network Engineering industry can be diluted to having a goal of simply carrying those ones and zeros between two computers. In this video, I talk through the concepts of Binary numbers, how to count in Binary, and how to convert between Binary and […]


Classful vs CIDR vs FLSM vs VLSM

These four terms all refer to somewhat overlapping concepts. As a result, some confusion has surfaced about what each of these terms actually mean, and how they differ from each other. That is what this article is going to pick apart. These four terms can be broken up into two sets of two terms: Classful […]