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FLSM and VLSM – Part 2

    FLSM and VLSM – Part 2

    I’ve just completed Part 2 of the VLSM and FLSM extensions of the Subnetting Mastery video series. The series now, more than ever, covers everything anyone would ever need to know about Subnetting.

    The series runs you through an example VLSM (Variable Length Subnet Mask) problem. You are given the network and tasked to allocated sub-networks across eight different segments. Each segment requires a certain number of IP addresses, and it is your job to allocate sub-networks as efficiently as possible.

    You’ll learn the general strategy for allocating sub-networks, and a couple “gotchas” you might run into. You will also learn a general, two-step strategy to follow to answer these questions quickly and accurately.

    There is also some bonus content discussing Point to Point segments — segments which merely connect two routers to each other. These types of segments only require two IP addresses — one for each Router’s interface.

    In the past, the smallest sub-network you could assign to a Point to Point network was a /30. But a recent (well, not terribly recent) change allows you assign an even smaller sized sub-network.

    As always, a link to this video, and every other video in the Subnetting Mastery video series is available at this short and easy to remember URL:

    If you think the videos are well put together, please share with your networks so they too can benefit from the best Subnetting teaching resource on the planet.


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