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VLANs – the simplest explanation

    VLANs – the simplest explanation

    I just released a new videos which teaches VLANs in the absolute simplest way. This is how I wish VLANs were taught to me when I first started my Networking journey. I have since taught countless students using this format, and the reception has been unanimously positive. Now I’m sharing that method with my readers!

    What are VLANs - Youtube video from Practical Networking .net

    The video discusses through the following concepts:

    • VLANs provide two major functions:
      • Break up physical switches into virtual “mini switches“
      • Extend the virtual “mini switch” to multiple physical switches
    • VLANs allow your Logical topology to be unconstrained by your Physical topology
    • Access Ports / Untagged Ports – ports which carry traffic for only ONE VLAN
    • Trunk Ports / Tagged Ports – ports which carry traffic for MULTIPLE VLANs
      • All frames traversing a Trunk port must be “tagged” so the receiving switch knows what VLAN to associate that traffic to
    • 802.1q – open standard for how to tag Layer 2 frames
    • Native VLAN – The one VLAN which traverses a Trunk/Tagged link without a VLAN tag
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    Excellent site, just signed up today. Appreciate the great resources

    I told you that you are the best teacher ever ? You are the best teacher ever.
    The way you explain thinks are unique please do more videos even for sell I will buy them. Thank you very much Ed. You are the best.
    Salutations from France.

    Thank you Ed. A
    Very interesting. Really a great job.