NAT on Cisco ASA and ASAx Firewalls – Udemy Course

I just published my second course on Udemy. This one covers the full depth of how to configure and verify Network Address Translation on Cisco ASA and Cisco ASAx Firewalls.

This course has three modules:

The first module will teach you Everything there is to know about Network Address Translation: Why it exists, How it it works, What happens to packets as they get translated. This module will explain every type of translation:  Static NATStatic PATDynamic PAT, and Dynamic NAT. You’ll learn about each of these in a way that is completely vendor agnostic — the concepts you learn here will apply to any vendor and any platform. You’ll then learn how these four types of translations are used in Policy NAT and Twice NAT.

The second module will teach you the Syntax and Configuration of NAT on a Cisco ASA or ASAx Firewall on the Command Line Interface (CLI). You’ll learn about Objects and the definitions of the terms Real vs Mapped. Then we’ll look at the two ways of configuring NAT on a Cisco ASA: Auto NAT and Manual NAT. Then we’ll discuss the concepts of NAT Exemption (also called Identity NAT). And finally we’ll wrap everything together with a couple lessons on NAT Precedence on the ASA.

The third module will teach you the Operation and Verification of NAT on Cisco ASA or ASAx Firewalls. In this module, we’ll circle back to everything we learned about the concepts of NAT in Module 1 and prove every claim we made. This way you are not only told how NAT works, but you are also shown.

The goal of this course is to give you an Engineering level understanding of NAT and it’s configuration and verification on Cisco ASA Firewalls.

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