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Message Integrity

In the world of secured communications, Message Integrity describes the concept of ensuring that data has not been modified in transit. This is typically accomplished with the use of a Hashing algorithm.  We learned earlier what a Hashing Algorithm does. Now we can take a look at how they are actually used to provide Message Integrity. The basic premise is […]


Symmetric Encryption

We learned earlier that Symmetric encryption is an encryption scheme that encrypts and decrypts using the same secret key. Now we will explore a bit further into what that involves. Let’s start with a simple example: As pictured, if we start with the plain text hello, and use a Symmetric encryption algorithm of simply rotating the […]



Confidentiality is the concept of hiding or scrambling your data so that only the intended recipient has access. This is typically accomplished by some means of Encryption. Data before it has been encrypted is referred to as Plain text, or Clear text. After the data has been encrypted, it is referred to as Cipher text. The Cipher text should be completely […]