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Practical TLS – Course is Complete!

    Practical TLS – Course is Complete!

    Hello all,

    I’ve finally wrapped up production on my new self-paced course: Practical TLS. This course is a deep dive into SSL and TLS, the protocols which secure the Internet.

    Simply put, this is the ultimate TLS course, that will turn anyone into a Subject Matter Expert (SME).

    The content in this course has been meticulously crafted from years of working with and troubleshooting SSL. It’s an amalgamation of everything I’ve learned, combined into one cohesive narrative.

    I’ve delivered this SSL training course in person many, many times. The course feedback is always off the charts. I’m excited to finally have recorded every lesson in short, self-paced video lessons that can be watched at each student’s own pace.

    You can find out more about the course and the offering here:

    Over the next few weeks I’ll be releasing specific lesson previews from the course on YouTube.

    I’m thrilled to finally be able to release this content to the world =).

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    This course will help any network/app sec person, best course.

    thank you so much! you helped me a lot