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Practical Networking offers classes covering various Network Engineering and Network Security topics.

The target of these classes are companies who purchase a session to train groups of their employees. If you work for a company that might be interested in a course, I would greatly appreciate you referring them.

So much so, that any successful course bookings will earn you $100 USD per day of class which is booked, up to $500. The referral fee can be paid as a Visa Gift Card, or Amazon Gift Card, or iTunes, or any way you like.

The classes can be offered in-person at a local meeting room, in-person at your company office, or remotely through virtual learning. Classes can be delivered in any timezone and typically accommodate 8-16~ students. My courses run between $2500 and $5000 dollars, and I guarantee they teach more content, more effectively, and in less time than similar courses that would cost $35,000+~.

The courses with the widest audience are listed below:

TLS Deep Dive

This course is designed to provide a very thorough understanding of Transport Layer Security and Secure Sockets Layer (TLS and SSL) – the protocols which are used to secure the vast majority of the Internet. This is meant to turn students with some minor exposure to SSL/TLS into SSL/TLS Experts and Subject Matter Experts (SMEs). This is a must have course if you work with SSL/TLS certificates on a day to day basis!


Networking Fundamentals

These days, almost every tech job includes some sort of interaction with the Network. This class is meant to teach anyone the fundamentals of Networking. The class is built specifically for non-Network Engineer job roles:  system admins, developers, account managers, anything! Learn what you need to smartly work in a networked environment.


Operational IPv6

IPv4 is going away, and most people are afraid of IPv6. This class demystifies IPv6, and in will cause students to welcome the inevitable change. The audience for this class is Network Engineers or System Admins that currently work with IPv4, that are considering or working on migrating to, or enabling IPv6 connectivity.

But there are other courses available. Check out the full list here. If there are any questions beyond that, or if anyone is interested in a course, please have them contact me.