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CCNA Training Videos from Jeremy’s IT Lab

    CCNA Training Videos from Jeremy’s IT Lab

    I recently made a recommendation for a full CCNA training course. I’ve come across another resource that I would also recommend.

    Jeremy of has been putting together videos on Youtube covering the entire CCNA 200-301 curriculum. He hasn’t completed the entire video series yet, but he is regularly releasing new videos.

    This is a fantastic resource for learning, and once completed it will be a phenomenal asset to helping you get certified.

    In particularly, I really enjoyed Jeremey’s coverage of Spanning Tree (STP) and all of its various iteration (RSTP, PVST, MSTP, etc). Definitely check those out.

    I hope you find this resource helpful if you are on the CCNA journey.

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    I just started this course today and can’t get any of the flash card links to work!? They just forward me to his website, where it appears you might have to pay for the files now!? I’m not 100% sure, but it’s so hard to get any follow up info with these Youtube courses..

    I’ve had the same issues with David Bombal and Network Chuck’s courses, to be fair.

    It’s starting to look like you’d be better off scraping the money together and just paying for a course with Boson, or the like.

    Just sign up to get the links to the flash cards, its free and worth the time in my opinion. It didn’t ask me for credit card or anything like that.