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Upcoming Live Streams: IP Aggregation and SuperNetting – 5/13 & 5/15

    Upcoming Live Streams: IP Aggregation and SuperNetting – 5/13 & 5/15

    Last week I did my first live stream! I discussed how to do VLSM problems using only a pen and paper.

    In the Subnetting Mastery video series, I showed you how to solve VLSM problems using a big table mapping out the networks you are assigning. This was intentional to teach VLSM conceptually. But in a Cisco exam (like the CCNA), you won’t have time to build the huge table. So the focus of this video was how to solve VLSM problems quickly and efficiently.

    You can catch the reply here:

    Next Live Stream: Supernetting and IP Aggregation

    I had a tun of fun, and have decided to do another live stream. Well, another two, in fact. Both covering the same topic. There are two live streams to better accommodate people’s schedule:

    They are both free to join. The recordings for both will be available in Discord. And if one of the sessions goes really well, I’ll also leave it available to the Public.

    A Pre-requisite for joining either of these would be to watch the Subnetting Mastery video series and practice solving the Seven Attributes of Subnetting. As I said in that series, every Subnetting Problem you ever encounter is simply asking you to solve for one or more of these attributes: Network ID, Broadcast IP, First Host IP, Last Host IP, Next Network, Number of IP Addresses, CIDR/Subnet Mask conversions.

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