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Access Control Lists (ACLs)

Access Control Lists, or ACLs, are a tool that is used to define traffic on Cisco routers. By themselves, they merely identify a particular set of traffic. How you apply the ACL then determines what occurs to that traffic. For instance, if you apply an ACL to… … an interface? Matched traffic is allowed through […]


ACLs… Closer to the Source or the Destination?

The final video in the ACL video series answers the age old question: Where should you apply ACLs? Specifically, we’re going to look at the ideas of applying ACLs closest to the source or closest to the destination; and in what cases you should do either, or neither. The specific subjects and timestamps for what […]


Applying ACLs to Interfaces

In Part 7 of the video series on Access Control Lists we finally apply access lists to an Interface. In Video 1 we discussed that an ACL is simply a tool used to identify traffic on a Cisco Router. We discussed that what an ACL does is a result of how you apply it. In […]


IPv6 Access Lists

In Part 6 of the video series on Access Lists we look at the syntax and configuration of IPv6 ACLs. This video picks up where we left off and is a direct follow up to the five videos before it. The core of this video simply shows you how IPv6 ACLs are just a little […]


Named ACL Configuration

Part 5 of the video series on Access Control Lists is a demonstration of the configuration of Named ACLs. We begin by re-configuring the Numbered ACL from Part 3 as a Named ACL in order to show you the similarities between the syntax of Named ACLs and Numbered ACLs. Then we step through and demonstration […]


Named ACL Syntax

Part 4 of the video series on Access Control Lists picks apart the syntax required to configure a Named Access List. In the video, we will continue where we left off in the prior videos by re-configuring the Numbered ACL as a Named ACL. You’ll see just how similar the syntax is between Numbered ACLs […]


Numbered ACL Configuration

In Part 3 of the series on ACLs, we go through a live demonstration of the configuration of various Numbered ACL statements. We’ll use the syntax we learned in the prior video to create access list entries to match specific packets. In doing so, we’ll get to talk through some important concepts — the implicit […]


Numbered ACL Syntax

Part 2 of the video series on Access Control List picks apart the syntax for configuring Numbered ACL. We’ll step through each field in the command of a Numbered ACL and explain the ins and outs of what they mean and how they work. Specifically, we’ll cover these items: 0:00 – Start / Review of […]