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Named ACL Syntax

    Named ACL Syntax

    Part 4 of the video series on Access Control Lists picks apart the syntax required to configure a Named Access List.

    In the video, we will continue where we left off in the prior videos by re-configuring the Numbered ACL as a Named ACL. You’ll see just how similar the syntax is between Numbered ACLs and Named ACLs.

    Once we’ve configured a Named ACL, we will then talk through four features which Named ACLs provide which don’t exist in Numbered ACLs.

    Since a large part of the syntax of Named ACL is exactly the same as the Numbered ACL Syntax we discussed in Part 2 and Part 3, we will not go through each of the fields again since they were already discussed in prior videos.

    The specific subjects and timestamps for what we talk through are below:

    • 0:00 – Intro / Part 3 recap
    • 0:25 – Syntax for Named ACLs
    • 0:39 – Similarities between Named ACLs and Numbered ACLs
    • 1:44 – Differences between Named ACLs and Numbered ACLs
    • 1:59 – Named ACLs: Standard vs Extended
    • 2:32 – Sequence Number
    • 3:20 – Why used Named ACLs instead of Numbered ACL?
    • 3:51 – Evolution of ACLs
    • 4:28 – Summary and Outro


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