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What are Access Control Lists?

    What are Access Control Lists?

    This is the first video in an eight-part video series which discusses the concepts and configuration for Access Control Lists, or ACLs.

    In this video we answer the core question: What are Access Control Lists? We discuss the idea of simply identifying traffic with an ACL, and provide examples of the many different ways of applying ACLs.

    Then, we unpack and illustrate the ideas of applying an ACL once per interface, per direction, and per protocol.

    The specific time stamps for what is taught in this video are below:

    • 0:00 Intro
    • 0:21 What are Access Lists?
    • 0:41 What are various applications of Access Lists?
    • 1:34 Topology and Packets Introduction
    • 2:49 What are Standard ACLs and Extended ACLs?
    • 4:35 Applying ACLs per Interface
    • 5:34 Applying ACLs per Direction
    • 6:51 Applying ACLs per Protocol
    • 7:24 Summary
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