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What are Access Control Lists?

I’m releasing a new video series which will unpack Access Control Lists in detail. The first video in the series answers the question: What are Access Control Lists (ACLs)?

In this video I teach the following concepts:

  • 0:00 Intro
  • 0:21 What are Access Lists?
  • 0:41 What are various applications of Access Lists?
  • 1:34 Topology and Packets Introduction
  • 2:49 What are Standard ACLs and Extended ACLs?
  • 4:35 Applying ACLs per Interface
  • 5:34 Applying ACLs per Direction
  • 6:51 Applying ACLs per Protocol
  • 7:24 Summary

I’m planning to release the rest of the videos in the series on a Weekly schedule. Unless… the “like” goal for each video get’s reached. See the first comment on Youtube for details =).

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