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Upcoming Live Streams: IP Aggregation and SuperNetting – 5/13 & 5/15

Last week I did my first live stream! I discussed how to do VLSM problems using only a pen and paper. In the Subnetting Mastery video series, I showed you how to solve VLSM problems using a big table mapping out the networks you are assigning. This was intentional to teach VLSM conceptually. But in […]


Looking for Reviewers for my Practical TLS course

I am beginning the process of recording my Practical TLS course. It is one of the most requested classes from the Course Survey. The course is a deep dive on TLS and SSL, the protocols which secure the Internet. The course will take anyone with any amount of exposure to SSL/TLS and make them a […]


CCNA Training Videos from Jeremy’s IT Lab

I recently made a recommendation for a full CCNA training course. I’ve come across another resource that I would also recommend. Jeremy of has been putting together videos on Youtube covering the entire CCNA 200-301 curriculum. He hasn’t completed the entire video series yet, but he is regularly releasing new videos. This is a […]


Full CCNA Course by Neil Anderson

I get many requests for a full CCNA exam course. And while the idea has some appeal, I currently have no plans to produce my own CCNA training course at this time. However, I did want to provide you all with my recommendation for a CCNA course: Neil Anderson’s CCNA Boot Camp course. There are […]


NAT on Cisco ASA and ASAx Firewalls – Udemy Course

I just published my second course on Udemy. This one covers the full depth of how to configure and verify Network Address Translation on Cisco ASA and Cisco ASAx Firewalls. This course has three modules: The first module will teach you Everything there is to know about Network Address Translation: Why it exists, How it it works, […]


NAT on Cisco IOS Routers – Udemy Course

Hey everyone. I published my first course on Udemy. You can access it at a discount with this link: This course has two modules: The first module will teach you Everything there is to know about Network Address Translation: Why it exists, How it it works, What happens to packets as they get translated. This module […]